I’m running out of strength – help!

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My worst nightmare was playing out in front of me, abandoned and betrayed by the man I adored, it hurt, ridiculously badly. A week into our separation, my sister took me to visit our other sister hundreds of miles away, getting away sounded good to me.

My sisters are epic, the two I was with that weekend tried to take my mind off things, but everything seemed to remind me. There was no getting away from this nightmare.

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Me and my ‘little’ sisters

Hitting a new level of pain, I reached out for my Dad. As it was early in the morning, I e-mailed him a desperate message, and he responded a short while later –

“Call on the Lord for that extra strength you are needing it, worked for me when Karen Nadine was born.”

Karen Nadine is my baby sister who my Mum carried full term, but she was born sleeping. I remember her funeral, more than that, I remember my parents at her funeral. They know pain.

I followed my Dad’s advice to call on the Lord God Almighty for extra strength at that moment, and then whenever I needed it. This is one of the prayers God turned into insta-prayers, prayers sent up with instant and guaranteed strengthening.

I found the missing piece to this blog post last week, when I got to go to Hillsong Colour conference in London! Lisa Bevere taught on Jesus’ first miracle, where He turned water into wine.

John 2:1-11

Lisa said something that illuminated to me

‘Running out is a pre-fix to running into Jesus’
Running out Running into Im running out of strength   help!

This has certainly been true in my experience, whenever I was running out of strength, hope, peace, grace, joy, patience, money, anything really. Lisa gave us three points I hope will help you too”

1)   Admit your need to Jesus, one person admitted the need in verse 3
2)   Do whatever Jesus tells you, even if it doesn’t make sense, seems irrational, seems too small to make an impact, seems confusing.  Verse 5
3)   Sometimes it’s in the obedience, the sharing, the giving we get to see God do the miracle in our own verse 8&9. The servants only saw water, it was inbetween that and it being given to the guests that Jesus caused the water to turn to the finest wine.

You are so loved, approach Him with full confidence.

God is immense!
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10 comments on “I’m running out of strength – help!
  1. Desiree Taylor says:

    What a powerful blog. This was such encouragement to me today. I am in a place where I am realizing more and more how much I need God daily! He is teaching me to trust completely and to truly turn to HIm for everything. Thanks so much for writing this!

    • Megan says:

      Hi Desiree, you’re so welcome, thanks for stopping by! I’ve got a blog post coming up soon that I think will greatly encourage you in this season, looking forward to sharing it!

  2. Sabra Penley says:

    Oh, how true this has been in my life! It’s in those moments when I feel the world is crashing down on me and I can’t breathe that I fall on my knees and the Lord is right there. In fact, He is always there…I just don’t always pay attention. Our hardest times can bring the sweetest blessings! Thank you, Megan.

    • Megan says:

      Hi Sabra! Yep so true, it seems the tougher the time, the sweeter the blessing that follows, the only issue is most (including me!) want the blessing but doesn’t want to walk through the tough time!

  3. This is beautiful, Megan. And powerful. Many need this kind of encouragement in today’s world. So glad you are sharing your heart and your story. Thank you for allowing Jesus to use you! You blessed me today.

  4. Rhonda Petty says:

    I love the way your earthly father took you to your heavenly Father for help!

    • Megan says:

      Hi Rhonda, I love this too! I’m totally blessed to have an epic earthly Father and I know that he’s not a patch on my heavenly Father. In our kids ministry at Church, we’re doing our own heroes gallery, if I were doing my own, my Dad would certainly feature in it for the very reason you’ve written!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great God inspired blog as ever Megan, loving the impact it’s having.

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