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I’m Megan: 30, I adore God, adore my husband, love my family, love my Church!

ian and Meg 10yrs Our storyMe and my husband Ian, met in the golden arches (yes Maccy D’s!) in February 2003, we dated for a while and got married in July 2004.

After 6 and a half years of marriage, during which, God had shown his goodness to us time and time again, our marriage ended.  Ian revealed that he’d been living a double life, was head over heels in love with another woman, and after 2 weeks of limbo where he was deciding what to do, who to choose – that was it, our marriage over, dead, gone.

Initially, I had indescribable pain, I absolutely did not want to, and felt like I couldn’t tread the journey ahead of me, but God told me to cling on, so I did.  He strengthened me, He provided for me, He comforted me, He spoke to me, He gave me peace, He supplied me hope and a superabundance of grace.  I clung on the only way I knew how – praising and worshipping him, reading His word, being in Church.

During our separation, God spoke to me a lot about forgiveness, and He gave me ridiculous grace when speaking to Ian, this transformed me but the situation didn’t improve, it got uglier as Ian moved in with the other woman.  When God said (and wise counsel after I didn’t listen) to have nothing to do with Ian, initially I had a surge of anger, felt like it was counter-productive, that Ian would forget me, but I did it.  We only spoke by email about bills/house, this was the end of my self-torture, where just to satisfy my desperate longing to be near my husband, I would endure cruelty from him.

God knew the desire of my heart was for us to be reconciled,  but I trusted that He knew what was best for me, and ultimately that whatever happened, He would use all this mess for good.

Suddenly, after 3 months Ian started to change as he came to his senses.  God spoke to him in the middle of his mess, and that day he made himself single, homeless and jobless without any guarantee from me that I would take him back.  Ian returned to his parents house.

We did start the journey of reconciliation, and God told us both at the start that He would resurrect our marriage into something beautiful.  At that point, our marriage was as far away from beautiful as could be, the picture we had was of a garden that had been bulldozed to nothing, and then nuked just to make sure it was all dead, but God is faithful!  There were many times we had to remind ourselves of this promise, but God was with us and guided us forward.  We are unspeakably thankful for all that God has done, we get to enjoy this beautiful resurrected marriage that seemed so far away, and at times impossible in 2011.  Our lives have been totally transformed!

The purpose of this blog is to record some of the things God taught us along the way and what He’s cultivating in us now.  We desire that what is written on this blog brings hope and encouragement to all who find their way here.

God is immense!

Fire and water but God Our story

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Meagan your story is so uplifting as is such a blessing to hear. I really enjoyed reading your story, it’s amazing how GOD works in such mysterious ways and how he will allow the devil to strip u of everything when u are living a double life or just doing wrong then GOD will build u back up when u least expect him to.

    I am married and we have a blended family, this is the first time in my life that I have ever been in a situation like this and it has taken a toll on me because the way I raised my two children who are not grown is totally different from the way my husband raises children.

    As I sit back and observe our life I can’t see me lasting till death due us apart simply because of his kids, and I need the prayers of many because I can’t make it without prayer. Because it’s becoming unbearable. My husband ex wife who is the mother of his children has caused nothing but drama and problems.

    Blended broken family
    In Memphis TN

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