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August | 2014 | Resurrected Marriage
Monthly Archives: August 2014

Ian & Megan Update! Injury & Victory!

I’ve not been on our blog for a while, so I thought I’d give you an update of what’s been going on for us!

In May we got to be leaders on !Audacious Kids Camp together! During the second game of camp, I was involved in an accident involving my mouth and an 11 year old’s head, the result – the kid was fine and I had two knocked out teeth and a bust lip!

The rest of Kids Camp (titled ‘The Way of the Brave’) was fantastic! Kids being brave on the adventure activities during the day, and then learning about the true way of the brave in the evening – boom!

God has been so good to me, in the days/weeks following Kids Camp He:

  • Healed my lip rapidly (I couldn’t speak properly a few hours earlier! – warning photo below is a bit gross!)
  • Brought 2 dead teeth back to life (believing He’s going to do it for the third dead tooth too!)
  • Enabled the splint holding my teeth in place to come off almost two weeks early (meaning I could eat normal food again!)

lip healing 682x1024 Ian & Megan Update! Injury & Victory!

In July we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! If you know our story, you’ll know that we very nearly didn’t make it to our 7th wedding anniversary, our marriage was dead, dead-dead; But God did the impossible and resurrected our marriage a couple of weeks before our 7th anniversary.

We’re superabundantly thankful for what God has done and is doing in our marriage; He’s shown us that literally anything is possible with Him, and has totally exceeded our expectations.

Our faith has been massively bolstered – if you’re marriage is in a not so good place, we’re believing for you, for your marriage, in the full confidence that Jesus is right there with you. Absolutely anything is possible.

10 years l 1024x768 Ian & Megan Update! Injury & Victory!

ian and Meg 10yrs 1024x579 Ian & Megan Update! Injury & Victory!

At the end of July we got to serve at !Audacious Conference 2014 – The Charge on !Audacious Juniors. We’re so fortunate that we get to serve alongside real life legends, serving, inspiring and having fun with our nation’s 3-11yr old world changers, and facilitating many parents to be able to partake in the epicness for them.

!Audacious Juniors conference also titled ‘The Way of the Brave’ required us to dress up as someone brave, this is us (our thinking – if you’re going to be a bit ridiculous, you may as well go full ridiculous so everyone knows it’s on purpose!)

MrMrsInc Ian & Megan Update! Injury & Victory!

Now we’re caught up, I’m looking forward to getting back to regular posting!

God is immense!

Megan Ian & Megan Update! Injury & Victory!


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